The Northside Awesome Fund has a simple mission – hand out a once a month $1000 grant that will help make north Minneapolis grow and prosper in a real-life way.  So far the fund has been a huge success.

December 6th, 2018

To make a community come to life it requires a number of key features.  Some highlights include people who care, good ideas, the willingness to work hard, and funding.  On the northside of Minneapolis, the Northside Awesome Fund has combined all of these factors into a remarkably positive force.  The Northside Awesome Fund grants $1000 a month to a Northside resident’s project that they feel has merit.  The effort recently celebrated crossing $25,000 in donations handed out to over 25 community members doing awesome work in the community. The projects range from funding a youth drum circle to local entrepreneurs, community theater to summer camps.

“It feels good to be a part of a group that shares resources with community members who are working to uplift each other,” shared Roxxanne O’Brien one of the contributors. The group is made up of members, like Roxxanne, who contribute $50 each month to the fund for the $1000 grants to be made possible.

The project is always looking for new donors or volunteers to help them expand their work.  Interested parties can apply on their website.  Each month a group of volunteers gathers together to choose a project to help and donate $50 each. Applications for the $1000 grant are accepted every month and reviewed for granting the first week of the following month.

“This is the beauty of community, when we come together in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration anything is possible,” commented Ariah Fine from the organization. 

A recent grant recipient shared “The awesome foundation’s grant was extremely instrumental in allowing us to present a quality event for Northsiders.”

Sheryl Senkiw, another member of the group described the goal this way “…to help make North Minneapolis better, one individual, one project at a time.”

For more information on becoming a Trustee, Sponsor, Contributer, or submitting a grant proposal be sure to visit

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