African Drums for Franklin Middle School

I just started teaching an African / World Drumming as elective class at Franklin Middle School. The class has 18 students and only 3 drums. We need enough congas and djembe drums (and some mallets) so everyone can participate. Also teaching a guitar band (we need cloth carry cases for donated guitars) and computer music production (need 10 sets of decent headphones– $10 each)

An underfunded, inner-city north Minneapolis Public Middle School needs to find 6 to 8 decent, basic guitars in good condition. School is seriously underfunded and for this year has $0. budget to purchase instruments. Band teacher would like to offer an ensemble guitar class and African drumming. Can you please donate a working guitar to benefit the needy kids in this underserved area? (acoustic or electric). Also looking for decent hand drums, congas, drumsticks, mallets for a drumming group Thank you for taking a look!”


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