Justice then Peace: A Mel Reeves Documentary

My Awesome project is inspired by the late great Mel Reeves! As we continue to uplift his legacy by honoring his work, we know how important it is to document history.

Though he is no longer with us, we would like to honor him with a short film that details his contributions and journey, narrated by the people who knew him best!

The anniversary of his death is Saturday January 6th 2024. Vegan Byy Nature would like to host an event at the Capri Theatre that includes a vegan meal, panel discussion and screening of short film.

Imagine watching a documentary that includes leaders like Rose Brewer,  Mahmoud El-Kati, and Chris Nisan. Some of the goals of this project include, documenting history, honoring elders, bringing awareness to health and wellness and celebrating a Northside ICON!


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